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Welcome to Danbury Fireworks, brought to you by the 1st Danbury Scout Group.

The event is organsied and run by volunteers.


Danbury Fireworks started over 50 years ago in 1968,  with a group of supporters  together with families of 1st Danbury Scout Group and a £20 box of fireworks to raise some money for the group.   The very first display was held at Eves Corner .... and there it stayed for some 30 years before moving to its current location at Essex Outdoors (Danbury). 


 Today,  Danbury Scout Group consists of leaders, parents and friends of past and present members of the Scout Group. The money raised each year goes a long way to financing the expenditure of running the group.   It is the Fireworks event that has funded the vast majority of our new scout HQ.   We are delighted that the entire project is nearing completion with just the landscaping to finish.


The Scout Group are not the only ones who benefit though, as we make a number of donations to other charities and organisations in the local area.


The event you are attending tonight will involve around 200 volunteers. Our thanks go to all of them for all the hard work they do and to you, our patrons, who make this event possible.



We hope you enjoy your evening.


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